Surfing with a commitment to make surf a popular and accessible water sport to all, we offer the best surfing experience along with the pleasures of raw beauty of our spot and beach. The place is truly a perfect vacation spot as well. If you are new to surfing, have no worries!

We offer a range of courses right from introductory courses to learn about safety of surfing to general riding lessons which help you learn basic skills and get initiated to the sports. Our advanced courses are for the pros to learn new tricks and amp up their game.With almost a decade of experience, we can confidently boast of being the ultimate champion of the game. All our instructors are well experienced and have rich tutoring expertise. With our top notch equipments that we update every year, we have a successful track record of every client leaving us completely happy and satisfied. Most of our clients keep visiting us every year.

Most look forward to our surf camp which we organize regularly to help you get updated with the latest maneuvers of this thrilling sport.

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