Gnawa Parties and nights

Gnawa music has inspired the development of popular Moroccan music in general and is analogically similar to the African-American spirituals, gospels, and eventually the genre known as “the blues,” also founded by former slaves. Gnawa music provides a perspective through which we may view the history of blacks in. It is a medium to discover and recover the African roots that still live on in Morocco.” -Dr. Chouki El Hamel, Professor of History at Arizona State University
Gnawa music has been part of Morocco’s music culture since the arrival, beginning in the 11th century, of sub-Saharan African slaves in Morocco. The traditions of this ethnic group include a form of spiritual and ritualistic music, which is intended to make peace with the spiritual realm as well as heal participants in the ritual. Although the Gnawa were originally a marginalized group in Morocco, Gnawa music began to be popularized in the 1960s, and today Gnawa artists are often powerful symbols of Moroccan culture.
Our Camp organize parties and nights where you can dance and have fun with Gnawa.